Joe Karnicky home automation

I (Joe Karnicky) and Charles Van Corpus were recently given a tour of the Willow Garage facilities and the "Robots for Humanity" project. As a person with a disability who makes heavy use of technology, I am particularly interested in their impressive work. In the upcoming week, researchers from Willow Garage will be visiting my home to examine some of the systems I use to mitigate my physical limitations. I have created this website so that people can have some idea in advance about what will be available.

I hope that this reciprocal tour will be useful. Possibly visitors will get some new ideas about how disabilities can be mitigated by relatively "low tech" solutions. Possibly visitors will benefit by increasing their familiarity with the types of disability problems that can be helped by the sophisticated Willow Garage technology.

Many people have contributed to the systems that enable me to control my environment. Including (among many others):

The work described herein builds upon a multitude of ideas and techniques reported in the research literature and on various websites. There are far too many references for me to provide a meaningful review of the entire field. If anyone wants references for specific subjects/devices I will be glad to provide them on request.

Joe Karnicky, August 21, 2012